The challenges facing business owners in the UK and Europe, due to the end of the Brexit transition period are hard, but we must remain resilient and positive.

The challenges facing business owners in the UK and Europe

Whatever your political stance on our departure from the EU, I think one thing we can all agree on as entrepreneurs is that the build up to January was daunting. As a business owner so heavily involved in the movement of goods in and goods out of our country, I knew it was going to have a big impact on how we operate.

But when it hit, it hit hard. The delays and additional manpower that is now needed to deal with paperwork is hefty. Of course, these are all factors that affect the bottom line, something none of us will welcome with open arms.

One of the other big obstacles is the constant learning and need to navigate our way around bureaucracy that is all so new to us. We are also facing reluctant suppliers and customers due to the additional costs faced with shipping to and from the UK, along with all the other issues and ongoing delays. It can be very exhausting, and of course with societies other big challenges at the moment, it really could not have come at a worse time.

However, I do believe that when we are met with such adversity, we must remain stoic and maintain the passion and drive that led us to becoming business owners in the first place. There is not nothing we can do to change the situation. The votes were cast, and a decision made, so we must move forward together, with unity.

I have always believed that we only grow as individuals, and as business owners, when we take ourselves out of our comfort zones. It’s not always a good place to be when you’re in the thick of it but give it a few months and you’ll suddenly realise that you have adjusted and found a new way of working. Plus, you will be a stronger and more experienced person because of it.

We should also take comfort in the fact that at least now we do have an element of certainty. There wasn’t a catastrophic no-deal Brexit, and we can all move towards the future. The steps may be slow and there will be some stumbling along the way – but we will get there.

Keep going, keep resilient and stay positive!

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