Down time is the best time

Michael Josephson MBE

As most of you will know, I love my job and keeping myself busy. My career and my business is what has helped define me, it has given me a purpose and drive and allows me to do the most amazing things. My charity work is even more important to me. I am busy all year, in one way or another, planning the annual Michael Josephson MBE Charity Balls. And by the time one is finished it’s on to the next one! Then of course there are the amazing charities that I am more heavily involved. I am Chairman of Patrons at Variety, the Children’s Charity and regularly attend their amazing Sunshine Coach presentations, donating the coaches my Charity Balls have helped fund to children all over the north west.

I think it’s fair to say I have a pretty hectic, but fulfilling life!

However, my past struggles with my mental health are something I am more than willing to talk about. For all of us, mental wellbeing is an ongoing work in progress. Something we all need to do is give ourselves downtime, time off to unwind and recharge. I am no exception to the rule and have made sure (especially over the summer) to make time for friends and family, relaxing, travelling, and sometimes even just doing very little at all.

This year, I’ve created the most amazing memories, including entertaining at home, visiting the Rewind North Festival at Capesthorne Hall, an unforgettable trip to Italy (we went to Rome, Capri and Positano, stunning!) and numerous non-work related trips to London. I was even lucky enough to be invited to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, attending the Party at the Palace on the June Bank Holiday.

My career is important, as is my charity work. But in order for me to do that effectively and to fire on all cylinders, my downtime is vital.

It will be the same for everyone reading this, so please do remember to be good to yourselves; spend time with friends and family, book that trip you’ve been thinking of, or event just take the day off to spend a bit of ‘me time’ with yourself.

After the couple of years we’ve had I can guarantee that you 100% deserve it.

Look after yourself, and that in turn will help you look after those around you.

If you have any queries or would like to connect with me about any of the issues referred to above, please get in touch.

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