A Royal Announcement

As Chief Barker of Variety, the Children’s Charity, I am delighted to share with you the exciting news that His Majesty King Charles III has graciously accepted the Patronage of the charity.

As we celebrate our 75th anniversary in Great Britain, it fills us with immense pride to make this wonderful announcement. The late Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, played a pivotal role in establishing Variety, the Children’s Charity in Great Britain 75 years ago, and now, we are honoured to maintain our connection to the Royal Family, especially as we mark the first anniversary of Their Majesties’ Coronation.

His Majesty King Charles III’s acceptance of our Patronage is a profound honour for Variety, the Children’s Charity, particularly as we celebrate our milestone anniversary. The legacy of his late father, the previous Duke of Edinburgh, who was instrumental in founding Variety Club in 1949, now known as Variety, the Children’s Charity, adds an extra layer of significance to this momentous occasion.

In the past year alone, Variety, the Children’s Charity has been able to assist over 160,000 disabled and disadvantaged children. With the esteemed Patronage of His Majesty King Charles III, we are confident that we can further expand our reach and impact, providing even more support to those in need.

As we reflect on this incredible honour bestowed upon us, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has been associated with Variety, the Children’s Charity over the years, both past and present. This recognition by His Majesty is a testament to the unwavering support and dedication of our community. To each and every one of you, we express our sincere gratitude.

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