Springing Forward with Some Amazing Charity Donations!

It’s coming…. Spring! One of the most beautiful times of year. We’re all looking forward to the Easter bank holiday and the approaching clock change this Sunday, signalling lighter and longer nights. There’s definitely an undeniable sense of excitement in the air. Spring is a season that symbolises new beginnings, growth, and the fruition of past efforts— it’s such an amazing season and I love it.

One of the main reasons for this is that it’s the time when we can begin to share the success of the previous Michael Josephson MBE Charity Ball with all of the wonderful causes that mean so much to me. Over the course of January, February and March we have already donated hundreds of thousands to charities that support young people across the UK and un the north west.

£5,000 – for Endeavour (Paws for Kids)

£10,000 – for The Hope Foundation

£6,922 – for Humans MCR

£125,000 – for The Anne Frank Trust

£32,307 – for CLAPA

£125,000 – for The Rainbow Trust

£160,000 – for Mahdlo Youth Zone

These contributions are a testament to the collective impact we can make when we come together to support those in need. But we’re not done yet! Stay tuned for more exciting announcements in the pipeline, we still have lots of money to donate and I’ll be sharing the news of those donations over my social media channels in the coming weeks.

And, something else to be excited about… I am thrilled to share that we are on the brink of unveiling the headline act for the upcoming Michael Josephson MBE Charity Ball 2024. Another iconic star is lined up! Keep an eye on our updates and be prepared for a stellar evening!

Don’t forget, if you want to learn more about the various causes I support, and how the money is used then check out ‘The Charities’ section on my website. You can also click through to the charities websites and learn how you can donate yourselves.

All in all, I’m really looking forward to the season ahead, so let’s continue to spread kindness, generosity, and compassion. Together, we can create a brighter future for all, one charitable act at a time. Again – thank you to all the brands, organisations and individuals who help bring my events to life, and who donate their time and money. It’s all down to you!

Here’s to a season of growth, giving, and endless possibilities. Wishing you a joyous and fulfilling spring ahead!

If you have any queries or would like to connect with Michael about any of the issues referred to above, please get in touch.

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