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Michael Josephson MBE

As Development Director at Variety, the Children’s Charity supporting sick disabled and disadvantaged children providing practical help and making an immediate difference to so many, I want to explain the support of the most incredible humanitarian Mr Michael Josephson.

Since 2015 Michael has been raising funds for Variety’s disabled and disadvantaged children through his annual Charity Ball helping to change the lives of children who need vital lifesaving and life changing equipment.

Throughout this period Michael has donated over 1.2 million pounds to Variety.

Michael not only raises much needed funds for children and young adults, but he also took on the role of “Chairman of the Patrons” to Variety, this is a purely volunteer role but this role is invaluable to the charity and raises unrestricted funds to ensure that Variety continues the great work it has been doing for over 75 years here in the UK. This is very demanding role and comes at a great sacrifice to Michaels personal life, but it is something he truly believes will benefit so many more children in the future.

Variety is extremely lucky to have Michael’s support, dedication, compassion and passion for the needs of vulnerable children, who need all our support now more than ever before.

So many young children through Michael Josephson have received bespoke wheelchairs, Eye Gaze equipment for those children who can only communicate by moving their eyes, Children with autism have benefited from sensory toys, sensory equipment to help in their everyday lives. Schools and organisations have received Sunshine Coaches that Michael has donated through his fundraising, these vehicles are essential for children who would never have the opportunity to integrate in the community or to spend very precious time with their peers whilst supporting the school’s curriculum.

Each year Michael ensures that hundreds of disabled and disadvantaged children get to experience great days out at theme parks, have unique Christmas Parties and receive gifts from Santa , this is something that the children would never be able to experience without the support of Michael Josephson.

I have seen at first hand, Michael’s determination to help children less fortunate than others and most importantly that no other child should suffer as he did in his own most traumatic childhood.

Blog by: Lyn StauntonVariety, the Children’s Charity.

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