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Idrees story

Bedridden for an entire year at just 15 years old

Imagine being bedridden for an entire year at just 15 years old. That was the reality for Idrees, a young boy with Autistic Spectrum Condition.

He had attended Mahdlo Youth Zone as a Junior Zone member in 2014 and had been coming to sessions on and off until December 2019 when he suffered a hip injury while playing football. After surgery, Idrees was left confined to his bed for a year, battling depression, mood issues, and boredom. He was even afraid to leave his house and worried about his family.

It was during the ‘Mahdlo is Family’ community open evening in December 2022 that Idrees decided to re-engage with Mahdlo as a Senior Zone member. Initially, he was very cautious about being active and socialising with other young people.

However, the Mahdlo team supported him, allowing him to participate in physical activity at his own pace, playing the sports he loved – football, badminton, and volleyball.

With the support of the team, Idrees was able to make new friends with similar interests and attend all Senior Zone sessions in the week, participating in a variety of activities. Staff members noticed his confidence grow significantly since he first started attending, taking part in most activities delivered, and socialising more with other young people. He even helps the sports staff set up and clear down activities during sessions.

Idrees is an incredibly polite young man, well-liked by the team and other young people. He has come a long way since his time in bed, and he’s grateful for the help he’s received from the team at Mahdlo.

Mahdlo Youth Zone has been a lifeline for Idrees, helping him overcome his struggles during his childhood years. It has allowed him to challenge himself, try out new activities, get back into football, and push himself out of his comfort zone. The Mahdlo team is proud to have played a part in Idrees’s journey and is looking forward to continuing to support him in the future.

Idrees’s story is a testament to the power of youth work and the positive impact it can have on young people’s lives. It shows us that with a little bit of support and encouragement, anyone can overcome their challenges and achieve their goals.

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