As we say a goodbye to summer 2023 we look forward to an exciting new season

The days are growing shorter and the weather is taking a cooler turn, it is with mixed feelings that we say goodbye to another memorable summer here in the UK. It has been a season filled with highs and lows, but one thing remains constant – our unwavering commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of those in need.

Let us first reflect on the highs. This summer, we were blessed with a glorious spell of sunshine bringing warmth and joy to our lives. Families and friends flocked to beaches, parks, and gardens, reconnecting with the simple pleasures of outdoor activities and shared laughter. It was heartwarming to see the collective resilience and spirit of everyone, embracing the chance to reconnect after the trials we have endured.

The summer was also marked by extraordinary achievements of young individuals whose talent, dedication, and hard work continue to inspire me. I had the privilege of awarding numerous charities with funds, enabling young people all over the north west and the UK to help improve their lives – as they strive to become future leaders and change-makers. We must remain steadfast in our pursuit of a safer, healthier world where everyone has access to a brighter tomorrow.

Looking forward, I am so excited that the Michael Josephson MBE Charity Ball 2023 is just around the corner, taking place on the 11th of November at the Hilton Hotel Deansgate in Manchester. This annual event is not only a celebration of the incredible generosity of our supporters, but also an opportunity to raise vital funds for the numerous charitable initiatives we undertake. Make sure you have it in your diaries and join us for an unforgettable evening of camaraderie, entertainment, and making a difference. We’re all hard at work at the moment and have secured some amazing performers – so watch this space for announcements.

As of September, every Wednesday we will be revealing news about the Ball, whether it’s an auction prize, amazing raffle prize, sponsor news, star guest or A-list performer – stay tuned! There’s still lots of hard work to do, but I want to ensure that as much money as possible is raised for the beneficiary charities; Variety, the Children’s Charity, Mahdlo Youth Zone, Rainbow Trust and The Anne Frank Trust.

As with the money raised from last year’s Gala, I will also be donating to a number of other smaller charities, these will be announced as and when they are donated in the new year.

And of course a huge thank you to the headline sponsors Robertson and Knight Knox, you make it all possible!

Together, we can continue to build a brighter future, propelled by compassion and a shared vision for a world where no one is left behind.

If you have any queries or would like to connect with Michael about any of the issues referred to above, please get in touch.

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