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Platinum Jubilee

I am as aware as anyone that there are so many things to feel anxiety about at the moment. The news is filled with worrying, sad and often catastrophic predictions. However, I am a strong believer in counting your blessings, it is so important for our own personal wellbeing, but also our personal growth. We need to remember that there is always someone more worse off than ourselves, and if you look closely enough – there is always something to be thankful about, or even to celebrate.

In June, the positives were even more easy to spot. As some of you will have seen (on my social media, but perhaps even my very quick appearance on the BBC!) I was lucky enough to be invited along to the Platinum Party at the Palace, which was of course organised to help celebrate Her Majesty the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, and 70 years on the throne. The invites were offered out to key workers, members of the Armed Forces, volunteers, and those involved in charity. What an honour to be one of the lucky few! I was also lucky enough to have been provided with some extra tickets, so I was able to invite along some of my supporters.

And what an event it was; the concert was kicked off by the incredible Adam Lambert and Queen, who belted out some of the iconic bands most memorable hits. It was such a perfect way to open up a show that was diverse (there really was something for everyone), funny, exciting and often emotional. I also absolutely loved the Andrew Lloyd Webber moment, which involved the great man introducing a number of performances from big name west end shows, such as Six, Phantom of the Opera, Hamilton and The Lion King. Guy Garvey, who I recently met at an event, and who is very talented, also performed with his band Elbow.

Another big moment was the astonishing Alicia Keys, who performed a version of her famous song New York, but dedicated to London – it worked so well and was very powerful. There was also a specially recorded moment from Elton John, who sadly could not be there in person. The big highlight however came from the ultimate diva; Diana Ross. She closed the show and I can honestly say it was one of the best performances I have ever seen – she really is a true icon.

The biggest icon of all however, is of course Queen Elizabeth the II, who I have had the honour of meeting and the even bigger honour of being awarded an MBE from. It was the most wonderful day, and one I will remember forever.

Here’s to more happy memories to come, because mark my words, they will for all of us.

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